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Hair Styling


45+ mins


From everyday to special events, our hair artists strive to give you styling services that leave you feeling and looking amazing. Treat yourself and your hair to luxury products and tools curated by our talented hair stylists.




Blowdry Bar

Kerastase wash & condition, curated product application, and professional styling for sleek, voluminous hair; hair treatment add-ons available for a luxurious experience


Formal Styling

Professional, intricate styling; examples: half up half down with curls, partially pinned back with delicate braids



Elevated, elegant styling for special events; examples: classic bun, braided updo, elegant low bun



Chemical treatment using various sized hair rods and perm solution to create permanent curls; not recommended for those with heavily highlighted or damaged hair


Insider Tip: Schedule a blowdry style with the same stylist the day before a formal styling or updo to prep hair for optimal results. Highly recommended for those with curly, frizzy, and unruly hair.

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