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3 Hair Essentials We Can't Live Without

We all have different hair types and needs, but below are three products our team recommends to almost every client. Having these three hair essentials in your life can give you your healthiest hair yet!

HEAT PROTECTANT If you put any kind of heat on your hair - whether it be from a blow dryer or a styling tool - and you're not using a heat protectant, you are doing your hair a disservice.

Even curly girls diffuse their hair and should protect those curls from damage caused by the heat of their blow dryer.

While there are lots of brands to choose from, our favorites come from our Kerastase line. Depending on your hair type, hair health, and other factors, the Kerastase line offers six products to choose from.

As long as you find a heat protectant product that protects up to 400 degrees and is good quality you will notice a big difference in your hair's overall health.

HAIR OIL We all struggle keeping our hair as moisturized as we can. Dry hair looks dull and even when styled, doesn't look as quite as good. To remedy this issue, our team loves to recommend a leave-in hair oil!

A high quality, light weight oil is great, not just for moisture, but because you can put it in either wet or dry hair.

Most of us don't shampoo every day (which is good!) but our ends can sometimes get frizzy or just dry. An oil can be used to smooth out frizz, add moisture, and shine.

Our favorite hair oil product is Kerastase Elixer Ultime because it absorbs well into hair without weighing it down. And, since you will only need 1 to 3 pumps per use, the bottle will last you awhile.

MULTI-USE BRUSH The best time to detangle your hair is when it's dry. If you've ever tried to brush your hair while wet you've probably noticed it becomes almost stretchy. When your hair stretches like that it's actually damaging your hair.

Our favorite detangling tool is a Wet Brush. Most of our stylists use the Wet Brush Quick Dry Brush when styling in the salon. In fact, our clients love it so much that we now keep this brush in stock on retail.

The Wet Brush Detanglers are also great and come in so many designs. This tool can make brushing your kids hair a little less of a struggle. What are your top three products that tame the mane everyday? Comment below to share your favorites with us!

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